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Places to Purchase Used Server

The Demand for used Servers is increasing day by day because of two reasons one the technology is upgrading very fast second durability of such devices is higher than their shelf life.
As the Market is demanding lots of suppliers has jumped into sellingused servers, Majority of them are genuine but there are so many frauds as well.There some most Important things one should verify before purchasing aused server. I have experience of more than 25 years in the field of Information Technology working on various different technologies starting from commodore Computer, XT 8085/ 86 AT with 8 KB of RAM and 360 KB Floppy Drive to X86 Servers Pentium with single core than to duel core, multi core and CurrentCloud Computing. I am writing this article and will be writing few more to help and educate genuine users. I am available at my mail please feel free to reach me, Send in as many queries and I will respond back.