Say No to Easy Money

The day will change and I will be rich is a thought process of every common human on earth.  When you ask them how do you think this? Most familiar answer is,” I have seen this happening in lots of movies or the stories my grandmother used to tell me"

 I just want to convey it to my audience this is not possible in today's date (ERA). Such things are show cast to others to get the things going and run their business. Now the first question you will ask what business my grandmother is doing here? Very simple one she wants you to think positive second she wants you to sleep with high dreams…..
Filmmakers know how to play best with emotions to earn maximum money through their film. We are living into 21st Century and we must understand what is possible with current technology and human efforts. Just to guide you little more on this subject, I will request you to think strongly when you see an advertisement. Majority of advertisements are for products and few are for services. Advertisements are positive and show you that what they are presenting is best among competitors and every competitor is doing the same thing.
Why people create ads on Internet but don't publish same in newspaper or TV because the source of advertisement over the Internet is cheaper and there is no requirement to take any approval from Govt.  On the internet one can present whatever he or she wishes to without investing a major amount of money.  That is what encourage these fraud people to show that money can be earned very easily by sitting at home and ask people to deposit some money into their account if you wish to start earning easy money. These scam sites rank very high on the list of the top types of internet frauds.  Usually, these scammers target the following kinds of people- the sick, disabled, elderly, housewives, unemployed and low-income families. The true purpose of such an offer is to extort money from the victim. Victims will spend lots of money and time with no pay in return and victim’s information is sold to other scammers who then contact the victim with new scams.  My goal is to save your time, money and heartbreak before you fall for the scams. Beware and careful if these sites ask for money.  A legitimate site will never ask for money to join
I am closing this article with a humble request to everyone, Please avoid such advertisements and sites and try to expose these frauds to save hard earned money of our brothers and sisters. Have you faced any scam sites share your feedback and comments below?

Wishing you a scam free life….


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